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Marge’s Clipping Corner

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By providing compassionate, educated, and cost-effective veterinary care for your pet from the time it embarks on its first adventure until the end of its healthy life, we hope to collaborate with our clients to strengthen and nurture the bond between people and animals.

Welcome to Marge’s Clipping Corner!

Sit back, relax, and let Marge work her magic on your furry little friend.

Marge Moreno was born in S.A. Colombia and moved with her family to the US in 1963. Marge graduated from The New York School of Dog Grooming in 1986. Three months after her graduation, she opened her own grooming and boarding facility. Eleven years later and a lot of snow, Marge decided to relocate and start grooming here in Arizona. After all, there are a lot of dusty animals here in the desert!!! She believes that a clean, well groomed pet is one that is healthy and more welcomed into their families. Marge shares her home with her dog, Chanley. In her free time, Marge enjoys cooking, reading, camping, and hiking.

Spending a day with Marge, your pet will receive a full grooming, which includes, shampoo/conditioner, hair cut, full drying, nail trim, anal glands, ear cleaning and thousands of hugs and kisses. You can also elect for Marge to brush their teeth, have special shampoo/conditioner, de-matting and special time requests.

We do require that all vaccines are up to date prior to their grooming appointments; if any vaccinations are needed we are able to do that on the same day as any grooming appointment. Please call for more details!